Kamas Valley has been your home for how long? Where have you lived in the Valley?

I grew up in Kamas. My mother Corine was the Secretary of the Forest Service and my dad Don was in the lumber business. I lived in California during grade school and middle school and went to high school in Salt Lake. I left to continue my education – I graduated from Southern Utah State, and later returned to South Summit to teach music.

What early settlers and families might you be related to?

I have a great history there with our Pioneers. They were among the first who came and settled Rhoades Valley. We knew about it because so many of our family members were there in the beginning so yes I have a great history there. The great stories I heard were about family members and that has helped me to know about my family. I know about my great-granddparents.

What are your favorite childhood and teenage memories?

Growing up in Kamas we were all like family whether they were family members or not. In the communities there was a tightness. What I liked to do is to go to Lindsay’s confectionery, to the drugstore and to a movie.
I loved to ride my horse and I liked to play ball.

Fiesta Days. It was very special, they would smoke a pork for the 24th July celebration. We used to have breakfast at Mirror Lake and then we got snowed out so we started having it at Shingle Creek.

Do you have favorite buildings, landmarks, or areas of Kamas and the Valley?

South Summit. My friends and I had the best teachers in the world there. It’s a good school with good students and we were blessed with great facilities when I taught there, so we were able to accomplish a lot of things.

Interview by Mary Lewis