How long did you live in Kamas Valley?

I was born in Oakley on October 15th 1927. I grew up in Kamas and Oakley in the late forties and fifties. In 1963 we moved to Salt Lake to go to school and work at Westinghouse.

What year did your family first come to Kamas Valley?

My father Lyle Wilde was Mayor of Oakley for many years.  

Was your dad born in Kamas Valley and who was his father and mother?

Thomas and Elizabeth Wilde, Herbert and Mary Clark. 

What was it like when you grew up in Kamas? 

I was a high school cheerleader for 2 years. I lived during the World War II and the Great Depression of the 1930s.

How has it changed over the years?  

Oh I don’t know. 

Do you like the way it has changed when you visited last? What do you miss most about the way it used to be?

Oh, what I miss is my friends, Gene McNeil, Jean Ure, Mary Turnbow, Carol Jewkes and more, they have all died. 

What kind of things did you and those girls do?

Every Saturday night we went out together bowling, and we all loved to dance, oh how we loved to dance. 

What kind of talent did you have when you were growing up?

I can’t dance.  I remember being behind stage and the kids asked me to walk out on the stage Goofy and I walked out and sat down and everybody started laughing. I looked under the chair and people just kept laughing and laughing at me so finally I just threw my arms in the air and left the stage.

That’s a cute story. What were your sister’s names?

Marilyn and Donna Wilde. You know they were both very popular and very pretty.  

Where did you live?

Dad built a beautiful home across the street from the schoolyard  in Oakley.

What would you do for fun as a child?

Oh, all the kids gathered over and played games

What kind of games?

The Big Bad Wolf. 

You talked about being a teenager and going to dances?

Yes, they had dances every Saturday night and I don’t dance but I love to dance. I used to dance with Waldon Wilde,  he could really dance. 

What significant historical events have taken place during your lifetime?

I was born before the Golden Gate Bridge was built and before Mount Rushmore. And I lived during WWII. 

Tell me your age again?

I’m 92 now,  and will be 93 a couple of months.

Is there anything you would like to tell people about? 


We loved to ice skate on the pond which is at the same park where the ice skating pond is now in Kamas.  We formed a ladies club we were supposed to sew. We didn’t sew we just had fun getting together.

LtoR: Ruth Holt, Marjorie Lemon, Rosemary Atkinson, Carol Jewkes, Mary Turnbow,  Corine Pitt,  Jean Ure. Mary Wagstaff.
Back row LtoR: Leora Knight, Mary Turnbow, Corine Pitt, Carol Jewkes
Front Row LtoR: Kim Kumagai, Jean Ure,  Eva Coconan.

Interview by Mary Lewis