Kamp Kill Kare was a resort built on the banks of the Provo river in Woodland by James Vashon Kirkpatrick. He was born in Florida in 1878 and came to Utah with his family in around 1907 and worked in Salt Lake City as a stage carpenter. By 1919 they were living in Woodland.

Kamp Kill Kare in Woodland

Kamp Kill Kare was built and named in imitation of a luxurious estate built in the Adirondacks by New York State Lieutenant Governor, Timothy Woodruff and later owned by Alfred G. Vanderbilt.

The Adirondack Kamp Kill Kare

The resort was up and running by 1914, at which time cabins were available to rent at $1 per day. 

Salt Lake Telegram, August 1914
Park Record June 1930

After James died in 1930 it was run for several years by Joe Porter.

Salt Lake Telegraph 1931

Joseph Dwight Porter was born in 1896 in Montana and came to Park City after his release from the US Navy in 1919. He married Sarah Rebecca Pace of Woodland the same year, and by 1926 they were living in Woodland. He was Kamas’s first fire chief.

The Kamas Fire Department in 1951. Joe Porter is on the far right.

In 1944 James’s widow, Carrie Kirkpatrick, sold the resort to George and Leoda Dunham.

George Dunham (second from left) and his family

George Raphael Dunham was born in 1896 in Kanab. He married Sarah Ann Leoda Fowles in after his release from the army 1919. He had been a cook in the army, and after working as a miner for a while he and Leoda worked as cooks with the Union Pacific Railroad. They then worked at George Washington Park in Parley’s Canyon before taking over the Kill Kare. Leoda was known for her excellent food, and the resort offered live music, dancing, sports competitions, and a tavern. 

Art Caseman and his band at Kamp Kill Kare
Park Record November 1951

Sadly, George seems to have had a drinking problem and some possible mental health issues. He was arrested in 1959 after an attack on his family and died in 1961, leading Leoda to put out the following advert:

Summit County Bee and Park Record, July 1961

Later in the 1960s ownership of the property came into dispute and it became a squat for hippies. The property was bought in 1991 by Ricci Martin. Ricci was the son of rat pack singer Dean Martin.

Ricci and Dean Martin

He came to Woodland at the suggestion of his wife, Utah native Annie Rasmussen. The property was much neglected and several dilapidated buildings had to be torn down. He kept five acres for himself and set up a recording studio there named River Ranch Studios. 

Park Record June 1998

Killkare Loop, off State Road 35, marks the resort’s location.