The original owners of the Woodland Cash Store are obscure, but research suggests that the builder may have been John Jones, who was born in Norfolk, England in 1851. 

He is recorded as arriving in America in 1871 aboard the Minnesota. He lived first in Farmington but moved to Woodland around 1882. His daughter Lillian Isobel was born in 1887 and it was she who sold the store to Henry Bisel  

after his return from mission. At that stage it was small and kept irregular hours. Henry’s son David Alexander

David Alexander Bisel 1878-1953

took over the store and enlarged it, but it was never profitable. In 1929 Hyrum Shurtliff Winterton 

moved his family to Woodland from Charleston because of the Deer Creek Dam and bought the property from David Bisel. Faulty wiring led to a fire but the current building was built in time for Christmas 1929. Hyrum and his son Harold Vernon

sold everything from eggs and meat to nuts and bolts. After Harold’s death in a truck accident, Hyrum’s daughter Luella and her husband LaMont Walker

took over and enlarged the store, adding appliances to the store’s offering, as well as pumping gas. 

After LaMont’s death in 1971 Luella continued to run the store, selling sewing and craft supplies until 1984. It is now a very popular local restaurant: Woodland Biscuit.