The Myrick House


William Venable Myrick was born in 1867. There are differing stories about his birth but whatever the truth, he was adopted by George Levi and Marian (Mary Ann) Manning Myrick.


George Levi was born in Springfield, Illinois, in 1834, the third child of Levi Newton and Philinda Clark Eldredge Myrick. Four years later the family were part of the Haun’s (or Hawn’s) Mill settlement that was attacked by the Missouri militia, who killed George and his eldest child, Charles. 


Philinda moved to Nauvoo with the remaining children and was one of the Charter members of the Relief Society. She married Daniel Hutchinson Keeler there in 1844 and the blended family crossed the plains in the Higbee/Bay company in 1852. Philindia died en route at Fort Laramie. 


George lived in Salt Lake, where in 1856 he married Mary Ann Manning, an English immigrant who had come to America with her widowed mother and three siblings.