Basic Information

Founded in 1856 by Thomas Rhoades. The settlement is unincorporated and relies on county government for civic purposes. Marion was originally called “Morrell.”

Settling the Area

William Morrell built the 1st house near a large spring in the small hamlet known today as Marion. The spring also attracted Samuel P. Hoyt of Hoytsville fame. In 1861, he constructed a house at the mouth of Hoyt Canyon and began ranching the area.

His herd of 600 to 800 cattle was one of the largest in the territory and grazed over the open range. As in Hoytsville, Hoyt’s operations furnished work for many local residents.

Initially, Marion was called Morrell after William Morrell. Later in recognition of the large number of Scandinavians settling there, locals called their home Denmark.

Local Valley Communities

While driving on the long stretch between Kamas and Oakley you may not know that there is a small farm community called Marion. Over 100 years ago, Marion was a burgeoning town fully equipped with a schoolhouse and other amenities.

One of the 1st settlers to the area was Samuel P. Hoyt who had migrated to the area from the town that bore his namesake, Hoytsville, which lies just south of Coalville. Hoyt moved to Marion with the hope to build his cattle ranching business on the abundant fertile ground that the valley offered.

(Taken from the Summit County website – with thanks)